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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

“The End of Sanity: Social and Cultural Madness in America”, by Martin L. Gross

338 pages, Avon Books, ISBN-13: 978-0380973194

Martin Gross’s book The End of Sanity: Social and Cultural Madness in America should be required reading for all university administrators, professors, and students. Mr Gross exposes the lunacy, insanity, and totalitarianism that pervades American life. From colleges and universities to government agencies Gross exposes an anti-intellectual movement that is reaching out like an octopus into every facet of American life. He correctly shows how the modern “New Establishment” is really no different from the McCarthyism of the 50’s or the Spanish Inquisition of the middle ages. He points out that if not stopped this anti-intellectualism will destroy the American Republic, and liquidate American culture, and heroes. This book should be a must read for all Americans, especially those interested in maintaining their liberty. Although anti-intellectual movements have always been around, Gross points out the pervasive and deceptive tactics used in today's culture war. He shows what is needed is a return to sanity, logic, reason, and a return to the ideals of America's Founders.

The major crises in today’s America calls for far more than the delusions of past political rhetoric where most cultural problems are simply ignored, or covered up. Americans deserve more for their loyalty and for their hope than to be considered children unable to know the truth. That is a reason Michael Moore was able to capture the national spotlight with a film documentary and it doesn't begin to touch the surface on what is wrong with the U.S. From the gender and racial double standards to the negative campaigns meant to inflame and intimidate the public, the entire mess is not of the making by ordinary citizens, but those who would be kings, those who fancy themselves already kings, and those who foolishly believe there are persons right for being kings in America (or queens).

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